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I am Al Menzies. I've been fiddling around on the internet since 1996. I have had several websites over the years, but now I just have this little personal one. 

Here are some pics. If you really must, you can click on the thumbnail to get a bigger picture.

Me looking glamorous Here I am trying to look glamorous ;-)

Me at 21...and this when I was 21 (my hair was already going white)

Me at 60!...and this is what I look like these days.

That's enough pics - Ed

I am, by trade, a Technical Author, although I was made redundant twice in two years, so I'm not recommending it as a career. In fact I decided that nearly 30 years was long enough, and left IT to enjoy a series of gap years. The good news is that I have now retired, and I'm looking forward to my future life of leisure in West Sussex on the south coast of England.

I haven't always been in user docs. I originally trained as a maker of theatrical costumes, and did that for a couple of years. Then I went for a complete change and became a COBOL programmer. After that I became a COBOL trainer for ICL (well, everyone has to work for ICL at some point in their career). Then I became a technical author, working from home, and living in a beautiful cottage just inside Exmoor on the Brendon Hills in Somerset. Then I went off at another tangent and bought a traditional tea shop and restaurant in Painswick (in the Cotswolds) and ran that for two years. I then went back into user docs. No-one could say that I've ever been bored!

In August 1999 I did a tandem freefall parachute jump to raise money for the Scoliosis Association (UK). And in August 2000 (what is it about August?) I dyed my hair purple in the same cause. In 2002, I was privileged to be photographed by Lord Patrick Lichfield for SAUK's Getting it Straight campaign.

My gap years have involved working in a supermarket in Lesvos for a summer. This turned out to be a complete nightmare for too many reasons to give here. But it didn't put me off Greece, and in the summer of 2005 I started a new career as a holiday rep. I was lucky enough to be posted to Paralio Astros on the east coast of the Peloponnese.  I have put up some pics of Paralio Astros and the great places all around that area. I did this for three years, and had a ball!

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